Sensei Andrew Mills 2nd Dan KUGB

Sensei Andrew has been training in Shotokan Karate since the age of 11, he has now formed into another of the most familiar faces of ZSNI and also one of the best competitors. Along with being a very talented Karate man he is also a valued instructor and runs Ballymoney Zanshin. Andrew won the Double Gold in the WKC World Karate Championships 2014 in Munich and is a favourite to watch during Local, National and International Competition due to his energetic and fast performances. Idolised within the club by his junior team mates Andrew runs a Kumite Summer Class which is always fully booked so the children can learn as much as they can from him. If you think that University would stop Andrew from training you would be mistaken! Andrew took a 6 months University slot in Sweden, and whilst Yasmin looked after his classes, he trained 2 times a week with the Swedish Karate Clubs and also competed in their competitions!

Clubs: Ballymoney and one off Kumite Classes

Email Address:

Phone Number: 07999399458